Exquisite Wedding Accommodations & Concierge Services on Captiva Island

Wedding Dining at Sunset with white chairs and white linens featuring glassware and plates near palm trees at the Sea Palms Estate in Captiva Island, FL

What better place for a dream wedding than Sea Palms Estate on the ravishing isle of Captiva off the Southwest Florida coast?

To have this private waterfront home rental of more than 9,000 square feet at your full disposal, plus the services of our exceptional concierge team, gives you an unparalleled setting for tying the knot.

Exquisite Wedding Accommodations & Concierge Services on Captiva Island

Imagine saying your vows on your very own private beach, backdropped by a smoldering sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

That’s the magic of a destination wedding at Sea Palms Estate on Captiva, which gives you a spectacular, nine-bedroom, 11-bathroom private luxury home in a stunning Southwest Florida setting for this biggest of big days.

Exquisite rooms, a spacious kitchen, a palm-view patio—and, yes, that private beach with its plush sands and swoony views: Here’s a note-perfect luxury rental that combines dreamy accommodations, an unbeatable wedding venue, and all of the event-planning support you could ask for in one spectacular package.

Our skillful concierge team will help take care of each and every detail, customizing your island wedding to your exact specifications and ensuring the proceedings roll along in blissful smoothness.

Besides the perfection of the estate itself and the high-caliber catering, you and your guests can soak up everything Captiva and Sanibel islands have to offer thanks to Sea Palms Estate’s fantastic location and our make-it-happen concierge services: from guided sunset cruises and fishing expeditions to shelling forays and bike rides. The yoga sessions and massage treatments at your disposal ensure relaxation and rejuvenation in the midst of all the wedding excitement.

During down time, you can take out a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, marinate under a beach umbrella, or muster all your guests to a rousing volleyball match or poker game. You’ll also surely delight in the convenience of the Sea Palms spa and fitness center, not to mention the postcard-perfect pool.

This ideal seaside island setting, complete with the upscale accommodations and amenities of your very own private estate is waiting for your arrival. What better setup for a genuinely unforgettable wedding ceremony than this?

The Perfect Island Wedding at Sea Palms Estate

Matrimonial bliss to the soundtrack of palm fronds and surf: That’s the promise of a destination wedding on Captiva Island at Sea Palms Estate. It simply doesn’t get any better!

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